Diploma of Arts (Fine Art), Certificate in Commercial Art

Previous Position: Design Team Leader. Account Manager. Designer/Finished Artist.

I am responsible for the Design Team and Pre-press Studio and Account Management of Breed Brand Management and IPG Connect and their clients. I am a design and finished art expert and also train other graphic designers in design software applications on behalf of multi-national agencies.

I began my first years as a graphic artist with Dye and Stark Advertising and moved on to Jacaranda Wiley Ltd where I quickly learned to master many Mac software programs.

I spent a number of years in finished art positions before using my strong organisational skills as Graphic Designer for the Department of Main Roads, General and Account Manager for Production House Australia, Studio Manager at Steve Parish Publishing followed by Studio Manager at George Patterson Bates Advertising and Graphic Designer
at AdTown. In my last job I was the Director of my own business, Studio e. I was account Manager, designer and finished artist. I had this position for 16 years.

Overview of Knowledge and Skills

• Creative concepts and campaigns for corporate/non-corporate 
• Logo design and Corporate Identity
• Copy writing, editing and proofreading
• Design and layout – hand rendered and Mac
• Website design
• Electronic finished art
• Photography direction
• Coordination of print production/quality control
• Project/Account management

Branding and Protocol

A large component of my role as Graphic Designer entails I follow branding and protocol guidelines and procedures. It is the fundamental basis to the success of the corporate identity of any organisation.

Official Protocol and Business/Social Etiquette

My project management skills comprise both theoretical knowledge gained through college study and practical experience in the workplace, particularly in the management of Studio e. It is important to follow and upkeep administrative systems, procedures and practices in order for the smooth running of a workplace. Computer systems and backup, file maintenance and storage are a necessary role as a Graphic Designer.

Communication and Personal Qualities

• Oral Communication Skills

My oral communication skills are very highly developed. I tailor my style of communication to my audience and use appropriate language.

• Written Communication Skills

My written communication skills are also highly developed. My style is governed by the subject matter and targeted to the audience. Usually it is of a more informal nature and I structure it for clarity generally with a statement of the purpose. Where appropriate, I include options for such action and recommendations.

• Interpersonal Skills

I pride myself in my interpersonal skills. I am a friendly happy person with a kind non-judgmental nature. I am able to relate well to people at any level.

Having worked in both Publishing and Advertising fields I am able to cope extremely well under pressure to achieve deadlines in a high pressure environment. I am able to maintain a consistent level of accuracy and attention to detail through years of experience under the guidance of Editors and Production Managers.

In particular, I am excellent at prioritising work schedules. This experience was gained through my role as Studio Manager at George Patterson Bates Advertising. I was fortunate to have a Manager whom allowed me the freedom to make judgment on jobs in the studio based on information provided by Account Managers and in conjunction with the Production Manager.

I am trusted and respected by clients and peers. They could discuss any work or personal issue with me, knowing that they will receive an empathetic hearing, is treated with sensitivity and that information will be held in confidence.

I have practical skills in people management particularly in the areas of recruitment and selection, performance appraisal and goal setting. I dress in a professional manner and pride myself in punctuality and reliability.

Experience in Graphic Design and Editing Publications

I have skills in all aspects of this definition. From initial client brief, through to layout, design, finished artwork, editing, and final print ready file, print production and delivery.

I have worked as a Studio Manager so am confident in project planning and management, estimating, and film/print production management.

Computer Skills

I have excellent computer skills and am highly experienced in the use of Adobe software and Microsoft Office. I can navigate around operating systems and am trained in network administration. I also have excellent keyboard skills.

I am willing to rapidly gain knowledge through practical hands on experience in areas that are not familiar to me.

Software experience include: Adobe InDesign; Photoshop; Illustrator, Microsoft Office.

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